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TTF: xcelsion font

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Xcelsion Italic font
Xcelsion Shadow font
Xcelsion Shadow Italic font

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Techno Futuristic Sci-Fi Sci Fi SciFi Science-Fiction Science Fiction ScienceFiction

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  Filename: xcelv3.ttf
  Fontfamily: Xcelsion
  Fontsubfamily: Regular
  Fullfontname: Xcelsion
  Copyright: 2003 - Iconian Fonts:

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Character Mini-Map: xcelsion font

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  xcel.txt txt text file View file
  xcelv3.ttf ttf true type font Download all fonts
  xcelv3i.ttf ttf true type font Download all fonts
  xcelv3s.ttf ttf true type font Download all fonts
  xcelv3si.ttf ttf true type font Download all fonts
  » This font package contains 4 font files

For all Mac-user: The font-pack for Mac-user (xcelsion.sit) contains the respective font files in the formats .ttf and .dfont (for Mac OS X) as well as Mac TrueType Font (for Mac OS Classic).
You find instructions for installing the fonts on Windows, Mac OS X and Mac OS Classic here.


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