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1. Journal  358,552 
2. Elegant  294,331 
3. 28 Days Later  213,211 

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1. Grunge Handwriting  89% 
2. Halogen  83.8% 
3. Hand Drawn Shapes  82.7% 

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       Kuenstler Gotisch by Peter Wiegel Theme Gothic Fonts » Modern Fonts 
TTF: Kuenstler Gotisch font

       Reclame by Peter Wiegel Theme Fancy Fonts » Retro Fonts 
TTF: Reclame font

       Hentimps Circlet by Peter Wiegel Theme Gothic Fonts » Various Fonts 
TTF: Hentimps Circlet font

       Gloria by Peter Wiegel Theme Fancy Fonts » Retro Fonts 
TTF: Gloria font

       Fette Mikado by Peter Wiegel Theme Fancy Fonts » Retro Fonts 
TTF: Fette Mikado font


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1. Kuenstler Gotisch
(date: 06/24/16)
2. Reclame
(date: 06/24/16)
3. Hentimps Circlet
(date: 06/24/16)
4. Gloria
(date: 06/21/16)
5. Fette Mikado
(date: 06/21/16)

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