The fonts contained in the archive (zip) are part of the Larabie Fonts Collection from Typodermic Fonts.

The fonts are free for commercial use. The license agreement for free fonts in the Larabie Fonts Collection is the same for all Typodermic Fonts. Please don’t contact me and ask me if you can use them for commercial use. Read the current license agreement for details.

You can embed the fonts in PDF files, web pages and more. Read about embedding here.

Scrapbookers: there’s a help page just for you.

If you’re interested in customization, OEM licensing or anything else not covered by the license agreement, you can set up a custom agreement.

If you have problems with these fonts, you should get the latest version from MyFonts always has the latest versions in OpenType or TrueType format. They’ll provide customer service and you can even get an automatic font installation tool. If there’s a problem with the font, inform MyFonts. They’ll contact me and I’ll fix the font. When the font is updated, everyone who previously downloaded the font will be informed that there’s a new version available.

Free font site operators: You can’t sell these fonts but you can put them on a free fonts web site. You must keep the documentation and images in the original archive (zip) with unaltered fonts in their original format. You are not allowed to include the fonts in a large multi-font archive, free or otherwise. You can’t charge for downloading. You must provide a link back to or

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Thanks for taking the time to read this; enjoy your fonts.

Ray Larabie